Letter of intent is also called a cover letter for your resume which explains that a letter of intent is a letter which you send with your resume while applying for a job. This letter explains why you are interested in the job and what makes you eligible for the job and what are the qualities that make you different among other applicants. It also shows the abilities and skills you have which are necessary for the job and which will help you and the hiring organization. Where, on the other hand a letter of intent has other meanings too. For example when an organization creates a letter of intent, it explains their intentions and future plans to implement a corporate strategy. This letter is created by the superior management of the organization with the help of attorneys and legal advisers and contains all the rules and regulations which explain their upcoming actions.

A letter of intent is also a part of outside the business world; a part of individual’s life. This document can be used by the parents to guide their children after their death and their intentions of what they want their kids to do with their lives. This letter of intent is presented in the court before the judge and then the judge decided what to do with the kids like who will be their custodian and guardian until they cross teenage. This document helps a lot if the kids are very young and can’t make their own decisions or can’t even take care of their selves. This way the parents or one of them makes sure that they are leaving the kids in safe hands and someone of their choice is going to be their caretaker.

Companies often create letter on intents because it’s like a necessary document inside the business world. Whenever a company is going to make an order or taking over another company’s assets, they create this document to eliminate any of the future errors and conflicts between the both of them. Companies often go bankrupt while doing the business so there comes a point when they have to sell their assets or some of them to pay the debts and that’s the point when they allow business owners to come and buy their goods or stocks. To do this with safety measurements, both partners prepare letter of intents and sign them by the other one to keep it as a record. This letter contains all the deal’s rules and regulations and clear points of every step.

Here is preview of a Sample Letter of Intent created using MS Word,

Letter of Intent

General guide lines to create a letter of intent:

  • First thing first, you have to read all the instructions and parameters to create this type of letter. If you are applying for a job, read the job ad very carefully or more than once. Then come up with the best things to discuss that will surely get you an interview. If you are using this letter as a business document, contact with the legal adviser and create it with his help just to make sure that there are no legal mistakes or blunders in it.
  • You have to be definite about the person that you are sending this letter to. You should know his name, designation and contact information to make sure that letter is reached in the correct hands. If letter is going for a whole department, mention its name.
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning so that the reader will be sure about you and the key purpose of the letter.
  • In the body, start with simple and uncomplicated things and then start discussing each and every thing with clear words and examples to remove any kind of misunderstanding.
  • At the end of the body, again write a precise and short paragraph about the main theme of the letter and if you require a feedback or reply, mention it there.
  • Proofread the letter twice just to make sure that there is no mistake and everything is in right place. This letter will act like a legal document so a single wrong word can create a big mess.

Here is download link for this Sample Letter of Intent,

Download Letter of Intent

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