This is an informal letter written to your friends, relatives and your loved ones who you care about the most and want to say a good luck wish to them so that they get well soon and stay healthy after. There are no definite rules or regulations to write this letter but the written material inside this letter totally depends upon your relationship with that person. For example if it’s a close friend, you can use something else besides just wishes such as jokes or some previous memorable moments or you can also discuss about addition in your family like a new born baby or a wedding. Although the get well messages vary according to the relationship with the receiver but if it’s a close friend or a family member, it’s easy to pour your thoughts on the paper as compared to a person who is just a work buddy from your office.

Wishing that ill person is also whole other story in which you have a number of choices such as you can use a poem, a quote or just your own words that truly describes your feelings towards that person and show the real sensitive side of you. There are a thousand of websites out there where you find number of poems and quotes according to the relationship and situation. For example if that person is one of your cousins and got injured during a soccer game, it won’t take him long to get recover and discharge from the hospital so you wish him good health according to the frankness of you with him but if he is your brother or sister and having the same injuries, the situation is different here and in the letter you are sending him or her, would be more close and easy going because there is no need to obey rules in this type of close relationship.

People also fashion the get well letters with flowers, extra wish cards, a gift or box of chocolates to show that the receiver is very important to them and they really care about him a lot. Unlike older times, now you find a variety of get well soon cards in a bookshop which means you don’t have to write an extra handwritten letter and you can just put the poem or quote on the readymade card. There are special flower bouquets which are made to send with a get well letter but you can design one by your own choice and imagination and keeping in mind the choice of the person on the other hand too like if he likes roses or tulips or some other type. You can find very cute gifts like teddy bears or Barbie dolls to send with the letter to cheer up the ill person if he is a small kid of some piece of jewelry like a bracelet or watch if he or she is a grown up.

General guidelines to write a get well letter:

  • This is not a formal letter so it’s not necessary to make it formal like by using a company letterhead or typing on computer. You can use a colored or designed paper with various pictures like flowers or cartoons. If the reader is a child you can also fashion it with glitter or extra stickers.
  • Put the date on the top of the letter and start with proper salutation like “Dear” or “Sweet” and after that use only the first name.
  • Start with “Hi” or “Hello” and start the body of the letter. You can make it real simple and short or spread it up to two to three pages totally depends upon your choice and your relationship with that person.
  • To make it sweeter, you can draw pictures like little starts of hearts on the letter too at different points which will brighten it up.
  • After wishing him soon health or best wishes to stay healthy, you can discuss other things too such as little incidents happened to you or your family or some other relative like weddings or births.
  • Finish the letter with something like “Yours sincerely” or “Best wishes”.
  • It will be more beautiful if you add a little note at the end such as “P.S. I love you.”

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Sample Get Well Soon Letter

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