An announcement letter is a document which is written to an individual or a group of people to inform them about a happy or sad incident which recently happened in a company or your personal life. Companies use this letter inside the businesses to inform their staff or a whole department about upcoming events, promotions, opening a new department, eliminate the department or just to tell them about the improved policies or strategies. There are a number of reasons to write an announcement letter inside a business such as:

  • Promotions
  • Opening/closing of new departments
  • Hiring of new staff
  • Starting/finishing a project
  • Terminations of contracts
  • Announce a happy/sad occasion in your personal life

And it’s not only for businesses, other departments send out these announcement letters such as schools or colleges who announce opening of a new class or course or festivals inside the institution. Shopping malls and superstores announce discounts on special occasions like Easter and New Year. It’s just to attract more customers and increase the sales. New companies announces about their new products which they have introduced in the market. Government agencies send announcement letters to other departments if they are changing in rules or laws. For example when FDA wants to improve his policies about general public health, they announce the new rules to let every business know so that they don’t violate unintentionally.

When an individual wants to announce something big in his friends or workmates such as his birthday party, his engagement or wedding, he sends out announcement letters to everyone to let them know about the happy occasion. Also when there is a sad incident inside the family or someone’s personal life such as death of a loved one, they send announcement letter to every relative or friends to let them know about the funeral’s time and location. This is like the fastest way to inform a huge number of people about something in short time.

General guidelines to write an announcement letter:

  • Be direct and clear about the announcement and avoid using complicated statements and difficult words. This way the reader will understand the contents of letter immediately and response soon.
  • It’s very important to realize what the interests of the reader in the announcement are and the best way to tell it to him or her.
  • If you are sending this announcement letter through email, it’s important to start the letter in such a way that reader doesn’t think of it as a junk or spam.
  • If the announcement is about a pleasant thing, use happy tone to make it more cheerful and make the reader feel good about it where on the other hand, if you are announcing something bad, buffer the environment by sympathy words and after setting the tone, tell the bad news.
  • Keep it as simple and short as possible.
  • If the letter is official, put it on the company letterhead to make it more powerful.
  • At the end, write a short note that if anyone has some inquiry, they can contact you on the provided contact address or phone number.

Here is preview of a free Sample Announcement Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Announcement Letter

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Download Sample Announcement Letter

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