Inquiry letter has a number of other names such as prospecting letter or letter of interest and the key purpose of this letter is to ask or find out about something. This is an official business document which is sent to both inside and outside the organizations, individuals and government departments. For example a person sends out an inquiry letter to an office to find out if they have any job vacancies even if they haven’t advertise it in the newspaper. This way once he gets feedback of his inquiry letter, he sends out an actual resume to that company’s HR department to officially apply for the available job. As inquiry means to question something so an individual also sends inquiry letter to a business if he wants to find out about their products and services and other discount offers on special occasions like Easter or thanksgiving.

Businesses write inquiry letters among each other to see if they can work together or if they have a deal for some transaction. When a company wants to hire another company for a large scale construction or development, they write inquiry letter to that company to ask for their products, services and charges. Government agencies send inquiry letters to other departments or private businesses to clarify some misunderstanding. When a department wants to increase its production or to start a new project, they first send an inquiry letter to the finance department to check if they can grant finances for the project. Once the financial department agrees to pay for the project, they are provided with a proper project proposal and its expenses.

Students also send out inquiry letters to find out if the school or college is offering seats to new applicants or going to start a new course which you have interest in. when a well-known college or university offers a new course, thousands of applicants apply for the admission but it’s not possible to have all of them. That’s why these institutes sometimes don’t publish the news that they are offering a new course because they don’t want to disappoint a lot of them. This is why students send inquiry letters to colleges or universities even if these institutions haven’t offered anything.

General guidelines to write an inquiry letter:

  • Be patient in writing the letter and just use the most appropriate tone. By sending out an inquiry letter you ask for the addressee’s time and consideration so be courteous with the words.
  • There is no need to send out an inquiry letter if you can find out the issues by other means like telephone or website.
  • There is no need to tell the full story and start the letter with just an introduction of the queries you have. After that in the second paragraph you can concisely explain the purposes of inquiry and all the questions you have in your mind.
  • In the third paragraph you explain the nature of answers or response that you are expecting from the reader and possible ways to give the feedback like email or face to face meeting.
  • If the questions you are asking are very confidential or they involve a secret incident, don’t forget to mention that you will keep all the information to yourself and won’t share anything with anyone related or unrelated.
  • Close the letter with appropriate greeting like “Regards” or “Sincerely”.

Here is preview of a Sample Inquiry Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Inquiry Letter

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Download Inquiry Letter

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