Christmas is a Christian festival which celebrates the birth of Christ every year on 25th December all over the world. At this event all the family members get together at their parents or grandparents house, sit together, eat turkey lunch or dinner and have fun. This is like the biggest social event in the Christian religion and people celebrate it with a lot of passion and happiness. This is like the single event when everyone has holidays from his work or office and has time to meet all the family members once again just like the last time a whole year ago. Today our personal life have become so fast that we don’t have time to meet our old school or college buddies or even our relatives like grandparents or cousins. So people use the Christmas as the golden chance to catch-up with old friends and relatives to see what’s new with them and also you share your life stories with them like your son’s graduation or engagement of your daughter.

There is nothing wrong with getting together with friends of having a reunion party any time but most of your friends won’t have time to come or just will be too busy in their own lives. But Christmas is such an occasion when all the businesses and organizations close down their offices and grant two to three days holiday to every employee. This is the reason why we can’t do a business or seal a deal with a Christian around Christmas because he won’t be available for the work.

If you have decided to through a Christmas party this year for your work buddies, college friends or family members like uncle, aunts and cousins, you need to send them an invitation letter to each one of them so that they can proper plan their visit to your house or a hotel in special cases. On the other hand, if a company or firm wants to through a party for all of its employees, it sends out invitation letters to every worker two to three days before the actual day so that everyone has enough time to schedule their visits. Another use of a Christmas party is that companies use it to advertise their products or services with the help of a Christmas party to former and new customers.

General guidelines to write a Christmas invitation letter:

  • Always send out the letter a few days or a week in advance before the actual day so that all the guests have enough time to schedule their visit and get ready for the party.
  • Start the letter with the addressee’s name and address. It’s very important to write the whole address clearly so that the letter reaches to the appropriate person.
  • Start with a proper greeting like “Dear” or “Mr.” and then give a short introduction of yourself so that person will recognize you instantly.
  • In the first paragraph, explain the intention of the letter and the reason why you are hosting the party this year. This is not a formal letter or official document so there is no need to be extra careful with the words. Use as simple words and sentences as possible.
  • If it’s not too much, also mention who else will be at the party so that every participant has a pre-expectation to meet other guests.
  • If all the participants are supposed to bring an item of food, mention that too in the letter so that they have much time to cook and will remember to bring that food for the party.
  • Close the letter with greetings like “Love” or “Good-bye”.

Here is a Sample Christmas Invitation Letter created using MS Word,

Christmas Invitation Letter

Here is download link for this Christmas Invitation Letter,

Download Christmas Invitation Letter

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