Admission letter is a formal letter which is sent by educational institute’s management to an applicant who applied to get into a class or course to tell him or her that their application has been approved and the management welcomes them it their institution. When you want to get into an institute to continue your studies, you have to send an application letter to that school or college. In that letter you ask them to consider you for their institute and you provide a number of elements which may get you an interview. Once the institute’s administration is interested in you, they send you an interview letter to meet you in person and to make sure that you are what you have described in the application. Once you have delivered a successful and impressive interview, they evaluate you among other applicants and if you gain more points, they send you an authorization letter to let you know that you are selected in the course you were interested in and that authorization document is also called an admission letter.

Once you have passed your high school, it’s time to apply for a college which is offering your favorite subjects as majors. You can’t just send out an application to a single college and wait for their response but you have to apply for a number of colleges so that at least one of them will approve your application. Thousands of applicants apply every year for a single college and it’s not possible to answer their inquiry calls and tell them their status but the colleges have this admission letter process. Through this letter they contact every of their applicant to let them know if they got selected, got rejected or on a waiting list.

General guidelines to write an admission letter:

  • The key purpose of this letter is just to let the applicant know that he has been selected along with a date to join and dues to pay before starting the classes.
  • There is no need to make it dense or complicated and only a few lines can do the job too.
  • It’s necessary to tell the applicant that why the school or college has selected him or her among thousand other applicants. The qualities they saw in you, abilities that will help you to study there and your personality which will be compatible with the institution.
  • Although the applicant was all on your mercy but there is no need to show it to the applicant. It means you have to be careful with the letter’s tone and try to use neutral words. If it’s possible tell the applicant that management is very happy to have you on board and looking forward to welcome you in the school or college.
  • Also it’s very important to list all the rules and regulations the institution has and you are supposed to obey all of them. If it’s not too much also tell the fine or plenty you will face if you violate a rule or misbehave with teachers or management.

Here is preview of a free Sample Admission Letter created using MS Word,

Sample Admission Letter

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