Thank you letters are important letters that are often written to show polite courtesy for any favor or gift from other person. It is a satisfying way to show your admiration to an important person for something. You can easily and quickly write a thank you note because timely written thank you note can yield positive results for you. Thank you letters can be of two type including official thank you letters and unofficial thank you letters on the basis of their nature and contents. It will be a good way to maintain your good relationship with your friends, family members, colleagues and potential employer therefore it is essential to write thank you letters right on time.

When to Write Thank You Letters?

Thank you letters are important to write after having some special favor for you. These are appropriate to write after job interview or promotion, after getting a gift from someone and any exceptional service from someone. These are largely overseen by culture because in modern cultures thank you letters are sent through email while old etiquettes still require handwritten thank you notes. Thank you letters should be simple, personal and appreciative for the deeds of addressee. Do not make too much delay in writing thank you letter because the quicker is better so that the recipient will easily remember the reason of this thank you note.

General Guidelines to Write Thank You Letter

A standard thank you note should features different elements otherwise there will be no use of writing such letters. Following are some guidelines that will help you to write an appropriate thank you note on time:

  • Thank you note should express your appreciation for the gift or the benefits given by other person. If you get money as gift then there is no need to mention exactly about it as it looks uncouth. You can simply write that the gift was really useful for you and sign off the thank you letter on a positive note.
  • Start your thank you letter with a date and name of contact person followed by his/her address and contact numbers. Skip a line and create a salutation such as “Dear Ms. /Mrs. /Mr. (Sur Name)” followed by a colon. If you do not know name of any person then write the name of organization followed by colon.
  • Start your first paragraph with a thank you statement to the person or organization. Mention specific items that they gift or donate but if they donate money then you can mention amount of money or it will be better to say thanks for their monetary donation. It will be good to write the useful purpose of their gift or money in the thank you letter.
  • Keep your thank you letter short and highlight only one to two important items. Send it within 24 hours after receiving gifts or after an interview. If you want to write a thank you letter for interview call then it will be good to divide your letter into three paragraphs. Talk about your personal experience in first paragraph, your suitability for the company in second paragraph and thank the interviewer in the final paragraph.
  • Keep your letter unique instead of writing it on a specific ready-to-use format. Make your letter personalized by directly addressing right person and include some potential benefits of gifts or services for which you are writing this thank you letter.

Here is preview of some useful free Thank You Letters created using MS Word,

Thank You Letter for Referrer for Cashier Jobs


Download: Thank You Letter for Referrer for Cashier Jobs

Thank You Letter for Banking Job Interview

Download Thank You Letter for Banking Job Interview

Thank You Letter to Referrer for Textile Jobs

Download: Thank You Letter to Referrer for Textile Jobs

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