Acknowledgment letter is an official letter that is designed to acknowledge the receipt of payment, services of an entity or a corporation or a contribution or to cite some examples. These types of letters are written on formal formats with brief and to the point contents. Acknowledgement letter lets you to say thanks to the people for helping you in the important projects. It should be done on frequent basis because it is essential to show appreciation to people who have made considerable contribution in the completion of your project, report, thesis or formal essay. These types of contributions are important for your work as these can increase the quality of your work and let you to explain every difficult concept without any problem. It is a way to recognize their actual contributions in your work.

When to Write Acknowledgement Letter?

Acknowledgment letter is written to the person who deserves your thanks for his/her good deeds such as aid in a difficult situation. This letter is written to acknowledge a fact or action that has taken place. For instance, if you have received a grand contribution of charity in your organization then it is basic manner to write a brief letter of acknowledgement.

General Guidelines to Write Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgement letter is a best way to maintain loyal and helpful people in your circle and for your help following are some general guidelines to write acknowledgement letter:

  • In first step, you have to write letter of acknowledgment to a specific person instead of addressing whole group or organization. This will help you to write more personalized letter and you can express your feelings for a specific person.
  • Do not increase length of your letter by including unnecessary details in the letter. Keep your letter short and simple so be specific while writing important details. Too much delay in letter writing can decrease the importance of your letter so it will be better to write letter within few days of the good deed. If you have genuine reason for inevitable delay then apologizes for it in your letter.
  • Commence your letter with the name and address of the reader of the letter followed by the date. Keep your introduction short and specific that should link the basic subject of the letter. Body of the letter is most important part of the letter so include full contents in this segment.
  • Conclude your acknowledgment letter on a positive note in a short paragraph. You can increase the length of body as it will contain all important details. Do not forget to end your letter with sincere thanks you before writing your full name.
  • Logical and grammatical mistakes are unacceptable so it is your responsibility to design a rough draft of acknowledgment letter before finalizing it. Appropriate and formal language is required to write acknowledgment letter to maintain professional etiquettes.
  • Include full name of reader if you know it because it will make your reader happy about your efforts. If you are writing acknowledgment letter for your report or thesis then use same font to have appropriate place within your work.

Sample Acknowledgement Letters:

Here is preview of free Sample Acknowledgement Letters created using MS Word,

Acknowledgment Letter for Teacher Job

Here is download link for this Acknowledgement Letter,

Download Sample Acknowledgment Letter for Teacher Job

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