The organizer or the person who has arranged the shower for the expecting girl will send the invitation letters to the people who she wants to come to the shower. This can include close friends, family members, relatives, coworkers and neighbors but there is one thing for sure that this party or shower is only for women and there won’t be any male presence in the shower.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for a Baby Shower:

When friends or family members organize a baby shower party for a soon to a mother, they invite other people to the party because it is the basic purpose behind the baby shower celebration that a group of people close to the pregnant women gather under one roof and shower her with love, good wishes for the future and gifts for the child. This party or shower is a way to show the expecting girl that she is about to become a mother and another part of her life is going to take place in front of her eyes when she will watch the birth of her child and will see her child growing in front of her.

In some cultures, the presence of guests is considered necessary to provide the expected women with support from her closed ones so that they can talk to her and tell her different things about the delivery and birth of a child. Because of this, the key element that females discuss in baby shower is the advices from experienced women that the expected girl understands so that she knows how to take care of a new born baby. As the organizer, when you send invitation letters to people, always make sure to mention the sex of the baby if you know along with the name of the shop where the mother has registered for the gifts for baby shower.


Sample Invitation Letter for a Baby Shower

Dear Amy,

As you already know that our dear friend Amanda is expecting and her gynecologist has given her next month’s delivery date which means that if we want to throw her a baby shower, we have to act fast as we are losing time. For this purpose, I have organized a great baby shower party for her at my house and with this letter; I am formally inviting you to the party.

It will be a small but elegant and beautiful gathering of close friends and family members. I am telling you about the party a week before because I am completely swamped and I want you to help me with the decoration for the shower. I hope you have a day or two to spare for the party. Please come see me so that we can plan the shower together.

The shower party is on next Saturday which means you have to come Thursday or Friday to the city and help me out. Also, Amanda has registered in the city for the gifts so if you are looking to get her something, you should visit the green apple store in Midtown where you can find gift for her.

I will see you soon.

Sarah River

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