In order to use a copyrighted material i.e. a book, song or video for your own reasons, you need to contact the owner of the material and ask for his or her permission. For example, you are writing a research paper for your college and you want to use research content in the paper. Before doing so, you need to send the request letter to the actual author of the research, explain why and for what you want to use the material for and ask for his permission. Once you get the permission letter in return, you can use the copyrighted material for the purposes you explained in the request letter.

Brief Description of Copyright Permission Letter:

If you want to use, produce, republish, print or distribute some content that is registered as copyrighted and the owner or the publisher owns these rights, you need to ask for the permission to the appropriate person before doing any of the above mentioned. This is because the basic rule of copyright registration is that the actual owner has all the rights and without his or her consent, no one can use the copyrighted material in any form. The permission letter for copyrights is a very common letter and it is also a formal letter. In this letter, you address to the specific person who owns the copyrights to the registered material and by providing the purpose for the use of the material, you ask for the written consent from the owner. If the owner agrees with you, he or she will send you a permission letter in return with their signed consent of allowing you to use the copyrighted material for the purpose you explained in the request letter. Keep in mind that in this letter, you need to address a specific person (the person who is the owner of the copyrighted material). Find out if the actual owner has the copyrights or some publisher owns them because you will address that specific person in the request letter.

Sample Copyright Permission Letter


Katherine Horton

Phil student

Berkley University


Janine Morgan

Scholar and researcher

Date: 17 August 2015

Subject: Copyright Permission Letter


Dear Mrs. Morgan,

As I have introduced myself, I am a student of M. Phil at Berkley University and as my education is about to end, I have to submit a final research paper in the class. The thesis that I am working on relates to role of America in Middle East and Asia and I have to appreciate your efforts on this subject because there is no research paper on this topic better than yours.

As the part of my thesis, I have to include some content from a well known and published author and I have chosen you. I didn’t know how to contact you so I talked to your publisher and he mentioned that this research paper is copyright protected. This means that if I want to use it in the thesis paper, I have to ask for your permission and this is what I am doing via this letter.

I need to use your research paper from page 45 to 47 in my thesis and I think it’s pretty obvious that I won’t change anything and I will publish as it is. Also, at the end, I will give credit to you and your efforts on this research. Kindly grant me the permission to use the above mentioned part of your research paper.

I hope I will hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Horton

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