As the owner of a company or supervisor of projects, if you want to buy a huge quantity of some product or you want to hire another company for services, it is better to get price quotations from various suppliers and services providers so that you can compare their services and prices in order to select the best or suitable according to your situation. For this purpose, companies send invitation letter to bid on a project to suppliers or services providers. With this letter, the company explains different aspects of the project to the services provider and then asks all of them to provide their price or charges quotations so that the company can choose the one with lowest prices.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter to Bid on a Project:

This is a very common letter that companies write on regular basis and inviting other companies to bid on a project is also a very common practice these days. This process is in fact very simple and convenient for the companies because with this invitation, they don’t need to conduct research in the market in order to find best supplier with lowest prices and they don’t need to negotiate with the supplier on the prices because when the supplier or service provider will send the price quotation or bid, he understands that the person with lowest prices will win the bid so he tries to keep his prices at minimum.

When you write this kind of invitation to bid on a project letter, make sure that you understand the essentials of it. There are many things or elements that you need to include in this letter because if you miss a single item, it can create big problems for both parties in future. Besides many things, the most important part of this letter is the explanation or description of the project so that the bidder can understand different aspects of the project and can bid more accurately about the budget or expenses of the project.

Sample Invitation Letter to Bid on a Project


Adam Foreman

CEO, Dewpond international

Phoenix, Arizona


K. Sandler

Super Construction Company

Denver, Colorado

Date: 4 August, 2015

Subject: Invitation to Bid for the Project

Dear Mr. Sandler,

We are sending this formal invitation letter to you in order to invite you to bid on our next construction project. You will find the details of the project with this letter but if you want to visit the site for better understanding and more accurate estimation of the project, feel free to call our head office in New York.

Our company has decided to start business in Chicago, Illinois and as you know we always construct customized buildings for our offices. This means that we have acquired 5000 square feet of land in the city and now we are looking for a construction company to bid on the project. We are hoping to receive the bids before 12th of August because we want to start the project as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Yours sincere,

Jonathan Green,

Head of construction projects

Dewpond international


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