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It’s been quite some time that research conferences are held on international level where the participants from around the world gather under one roof and discuss different perspectives of a new technology or invention. As the organizer of the conference, it is the duty of the secretary to the chairman of conference to invite people from every corner of the world, the people who are really important and really matter for the success of the conference. The letter that is sent to invite these people is known as invitation letter for research conference.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Research Conference:

If you have the responsibility of organizing a research conference and you have the duty to inform and invite the people from around the world to the conference, you should write customized invitation letters instead of using generic letters. This will show the readers that you actually care about them and really want them in the conference. Also, when you talk about the conference in the letter, give as much detail as possible i.e. what kind of research will be discussed in the conference, who will speak at the conference, members of panels or judges in the conference, technologies to discuss or introduce in the conference. Another very important part of this invitation letter is to inform the reader about his or her role in conference i.e. the purpose for which you are inviting them to the conference. This can be just to give a speech or become a judge in the panel or anything that you want to them to do.

Sample Invitation Letter for Research Conference


Michelle Dobson


High tech international research institute

149 careening drive, Manhattan

New York, NY 937471


Robert D. William

5433 Lake Drive, Palm Avenue


Date: 12 July 2015

Subject: formal invitation to the global research conference next month

Dear Mr. William,

On behalf of the high tech research institute, I am very happy and honored to invite you to our international technology conference that will be help next month on 14th of August 2015.

As you already know that it’s been almost 10 years that our institute is organizing this conference in which scientists and researchers from around the world contribute and participate. More than 50 different tech companies and manufacturing firms participate in this international conference. We also invite some of the highest qualified and experienced professionals of technology and ask them to speak to the participants of the conference as a keynote speaker and this year, we have decided to ask you to take a couple of hours from your busy schedule and allow us to introduce you to a group of people that always look forward to meet you as you are the mentor for most of them.

The key reason that we have invited you is because of your latest research about superconductors and we want you to prepare a presentation or a lecture on this new technology that you are working on currently. As a big fan and admirer of new types of technologies, I see a lot of potential in your technology and I want to get to know it better.

I hope you will respond to this invite with a yes and will allow us to listen to one of the brilliant and most gifted minds of this century. I am looking forward to hear from you.



Michelle Dobson


High tech international research institute


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