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If you want to invite your friends, coworkers and relatives on Christmas, you should send them a formal invitation letter at least 2 weeks or 1 month prior to the holidays so that they can organize their schedule for the trip if they want to visit you. You can do it by calling the guests on phone or by sending them a formal invitation letter for Christmas dinner party which is more sophisticated and elegant.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Christmas Dinner:

This is a very informal and personal letter that you send to your family members and friends. And, even if you send this letter to your coworkers, it shouldn’t be very formal because Christmas is a very happy occasion and there is no need to be grumpy or formal about it when inviting your fellow employees in the office. Whether you have invited your friends, family members or coworkers, you should inform them about the food that you will prepare in the dinner so that if any of them is allergic to something, they can indicate their condition prior so that you have enough time to prepare something suitable for them. If it’s okay with you, when you invite many friends on the dinner, you should tell each of them about the friends that will be at the dinner or the friends or family members that have replied with a yes to the invitation.

Sample Invitation Letter for Christmas Dinner

Dear Sophia,

It’s been so long that we have met and I think we talked on the phone two months ago. I know it’s not your fault because both of us are very busy with our families and as I am also a mother, I can understand how you are dealing with your work activities and handling your family. It’s just that I miss talking to you and sharing each and everything with you as we used to do before we were married and became parents.

Now that Christmas is coming, I thought why don’t I arrange for a Christmas ceremony and invite you and your family to my house for Christmas dinner. It’s actually not just a dinner which means you will have to come a day earlier and you will have to stay at least for 2-3 days with us so that we can spend some quality time together. Please bring your kids and husband with you and don’t worry about the children as I have planned a couple of fun activities for them so that they can enjoy each other’s company and we adult can talk without entertaining them.

I am planning a very good and delicious dinner for Christmas night so that we can all sit together on the table and share this wonderful time of the year with each other while sharing a laugh with our children too. As I am making couple of traditional dishes for the dinner, please inform me if you or any of your family members is allergic to anything so that I can take care of that.

There is enough time for you to plan this trip and arrange you schedule so I hope you will reply with a yes to my invitation. I am looking forward to meet with you and your family.

Yours affectionate

Brenda Textron

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