IT Professional Resignation Letter

Software developer is a professional that develops software programs for computers and other electric gadgets i.e. mobile phone, play station and laptops. Usually software developers prefer to work as freelancer where they can work with as many clients at once as they can handle but there are also many companies and development agencies that hire these software developers on permanent basis and refer them to their clients.

It is pretty obvious that when a software developer is working as freelancer, he doesn’t need to resign from his job but as soon he completes a project, he can move on to the next client and these developers use resignation letters only when they work with a development agency and they want to either work as freelance or for another company and thus, they resign from their job. Before a software developer resigns from his job, there are some factors that he needs to take care. First of all, if the developer signed employment agreement with the employer when he was hired, he needs to review that agreement and evaluate what the agreement says about resigning. Another thing to consider while resigning is to make sure that you don’t resign when an important project is going on. When this is the case, you should wait until the project is completed and then resign because this way, the employer won’t have any objection to let you go.

On the other hand, if it is really crucial that you have to leave as soon as possible despite the projects and their progress, you should at least give 1 month worth notice period to the employer so that he can find a substitute for your job and while that substitute is hired within the notice period, you can also coordinate with him on the project that you are currently handling.

Sample Software Developer Resignation Letter

Employee’s name:
Designation in company:
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Email address:

Subject: resignation letter


Employer’s name:
Designation in company:
Company name:
Department info:

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have decided to leave this job and I am giving you 2 week notice period. Please consider this as my final resignation letter along with notice period of 2 week and I will leave on the 15 of the next month.

I have worked in this company on the position of senior software developer for more than 2 years and I really enjoyed my time here and even if I am not happy about leaving this company for good, there are many factors that are forcing me to do so. First of all, you can understand that due to competitors and their prices, we have lost many clients in the past year and that has created big problems for the company and for me because when there are not enough project, my income is decreasing and I can’t support my family without good income figure.

I hope you will accept my resignation and will find a substitute software developer in the next 10-15 days so that while I am still here, I can coordinate with him and guide him about the currently ongoing projects.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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