It depends how you want to send the news about the birthday of your child to your friends and relatives i.e. by post or via email but either way, the content of the letter will be the same. The invitation letter for your child’s birthday party will be a notification for the receiver that your child is turning 1 or 2 or even 3 on a specific date and as you are organizing a birthday party, you are inviting them with this letter.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for Child’s Birthday Party:

When it comes to the invitation letters for your child’s birthday party, there are basically two types of these invitation letters. First is the formal one and second one is the informal. The formal invitation letter is for your coworkers and elderly relatives that treat you like a daughter or son and you give them good respect. On the other hand, the informal invitation letters are for your neighbors, friends and close family members i.e. cousins and siblings. The basic difference in these letters is that in the formal letter, you just notify the receiver about the party that you will organize and you ask them to come to the celebration of your child’s birthday where on the other hand, in an informal invitation letter, you can talk to your friends and close family members freely without any restrictions or verbal formalities and you can ask them favors for the organization of the party if it’s not much for them.


Sample Invitation Letter for Child’s Birthday Party

My dear Julia,

How are you? How are your little ones doing? I hope everybody is fine. It’s been so long that we talked and I think as soon you moved to Ohio and got busy with your own kids, we lost track of our friendship but you should know that even if I was also busy with my little angel and my household life, I always remembered you but there was simply no time for me to take from my busy routine and catch up with old friends and former neighbors. But, now we have an opportunity to meet and share our life stories together.

You will be pleased to know that my little Jennet is turning 1 on 5 August 2015 and for so many reasons, I am going to organize a very good party. For one reason, this is a huge mile stone in my daughter’s life that I want to celebrate and also I want to invite all of my friends and relatives so that I can meet with the ones that I haven’t seen in years.

If you remember and I hope you will, the party will be at my place which is exactly the same as you saw it the last time when you moved from our left side villa to your new home in Ohio. The party will start at 4pm and depending on the guests and party games, I think it can take a while. Please note that there will be games in the party for the kids so please bring your children with you. I hope it’s not too much but I was wondering if you would have time to prepare and bring your famous mash potato salad.

Please notify me about your plans so that I can organize the guest list and I hope you will call me before leaving for here so that when you arrive at the airport, we can pick you up.

Yours affectionate

Laura Milan

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