Birthday Invitation Letter

The formal notification that is sent to the partners, directors, members of board of directors and the executive staff members for an upcoming meeting is known as the invitation letter for a business meeting. The key purpose of this invitation letter is to invite the participants in a formal way along with giving them time to schedule their timetable for the meeting and to prepare for the meeting by reviewing the agendas provided in the invitation letter.

Brief Description of Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting:

You may think that if a company is owned by a single person, he is the only one who is running the business but in reality, even if there is no partner in a company, there are still some very important people that help the owner run the business. This includes the directors, executives and high level management staff. These are the people that actually develop strategies in order to run a company. This means that when the owner or owners in a company want to change something or take a very important decision, they are required to include these directors and executive employees in their decision.

This type of high profile decisions are taken in official business meetings and the participants of a business meeting are informed to join the owners or partners in the meeting with the formal invitation. This invitation is just like a letter where the organizer informs the receiver of the letter that he is officially invited to the meeting. Other than the formal invitation, this invitation letter also includes details of the meeting i.e. agendas to discuss, decision to make, problems or issues to understand. This is important because the directors and executive employees are given enough time to prepare for the meeting with giving them the agenda ahead of the actual meeting.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting,

Sample Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting

Mrs. Michele Keen

Managing Director/strategic partner

United Silicon Private LTD

Scranton PA, 98371

Date: 22 July 2015

Subject: Letter of Invitation for Quarterly Meeting

Dear Mrs. Keen,

As you can recall that last month another client of ours cancelled his order and this is the third time it happened. It’s not very good situation and certainly not the one that can be ignored. For finding out the actual causes behind this situation, finding solutions for it and preparing for the future, an immediate meeting is called by the managing director Mr. Peter.

This letter is sent to you in order to inform you about the upcoming meeting on 28 July 2015 regarding the cancelled orders from our UAE clients. Detailed agenda is included in the meeting for your convenience. Please go through it and prepare for the meeting. Names of the participants i.e. directors and partners who will attend the meeting are also included in the letter. Maybe there is not enough time to prepare for this surprise meeting but it’s the best we could do and you should use these few days to prepare for the meeting.

Yours sincere

Lora Raid, CEO

United Silicon Private LTD

Scranton PA, 98371

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