It is considered that if you want to search a job then a resume is important but only resume is not enough because lots of people are also applying for the same job. If you want to stand out in the crowd then you should have something special to show your qualifications and credentials. You can do this easily by writing an application letter that is important to enclose your resume. It will create your good first impression on potential employer because through an application letter you will get chance to introduce yourself and qualifications in better way. It is an important part of your job search so does not take it lightly and pay special attention on its design. A well-written job application letter will increase the chances of success for getting an interview call.

When to Write Application Letter?

Application letters are important documents for job seekers because their attachment to the resume can increase their worth in the eyes of potential employer. If you are planning for a successful job search then write a convincing application letter on first preference because some hiring managers prefer to review your application letter before having a look at resume. It is a secret to capture the interest of hiring manager because you can share more details about your skills and qualifications in the application letter.

General Guidelines to Write Application Letter

Application letter is an important part of your job search so carefully write this letter according to the job specifications and for your help following are some general guidelines to write application letter:

  • In first step, carefully read job description to find out either your qualifications matched with the job requirements of not. If you find yourself perfect for the job then list your skills and accomplishments on a rough paper to rank them according to the relevancy of the job.
  • Write all those details like skills, qualifications and achievements that coincide with the job and review the duties either you can perform them or not with your specific expertise. Start your work with a rough draft to avoid chances of errors in the final draft.
  • Formally address hiring manger with the use of Mr. or Ms. followed by the last name of the person if you have it. Leave double space and start the major contents of the letter. Write attention grabber sentence in the start of your letter for a perfect response.
  • You have to sell yourself for the interview so does not write my name is Marshall and I can do your work etc. Write something impressive like, “I set sales record at ABC Industry in 2013. I am intended to put my skills for the work to your company and will help you to break the sales record of this year”.
  • Write your skills, credentials and relevant abilities according to job description and proofread your application letter twice because any spelling or grammar error will prove fatal for your career and you will get red flag from any professional business personality.

Sample Application Letters:

Here is preview of some free Sample Application Letters,

Sample Application Letter

Download Sample Application Letter for Scholarships

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