Teacher Resignation Letter

When we talk about the hierarchy of an organization, the basic foundation depends on the type and size of the company. For example, a huge global organization has hundreds and thousands of employees so there are more managers for each department as compared to a small company that only has dozen of employees and a single manager who manages their work. In bigger organizations, there are usually three levels of management including first line manager, middle managers and senior managers. Senior managers are part of executive management and they are the key members behind making policies, strategies and setting company goals and objectives.

Senior managers are very important for any organization and they reach at this position after years of experience and work in the field. This is the reason that when a senior manager discusses his intentions about resigning from his job, the management and administration of the company prefers to stop him and keep him somehow. Usually when there are negotiations in between management and senior manager, management wins and it gets to keep the senior manager but when a manager decides and makes up his mind about leaving the company either for retirement or for a better career opportunity in another company, there is no use for such negotiation and the management accepts the resignation of the senior manager.

When a senior manager wants to resign from his position, he has to choose an appropriate time for leaving the company. It is not a good idea to leave a company when an important project is going on in the company as it can put bad reviews on the career credentials of the manager who wants to leave. Also, the senior manager has to offer more time in the notice period i.e. more than 1 month so that the management can easily search for an appropriate substitute for the vacant position.

Sample Senior Manager Resignation Letter

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Subject: Resignation Letter


Employer’s name:
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Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have decided to resign from my position of senior manager at this company effective immediately and I am giving you notice period of 1 month.

I have spent so many years at this company and I can’t believe that the circumstances have brought me to this point where I can’t keep this job and deal with my personal problems. This is why even if I am not happy with the situation; there is no other way to work on my personal problems without leaving this job and moving back to my hometown.

I have given you 1 month of notice period and I think it’s more than enough for you to search for a new senior manager for the accounts department and I will be very happy if you find a person for this position and let me coordinate with him in order to transfer my responsibilities to him.

I hope you will accept my resignation and prepare my career credentials and my final paycheck before I leave.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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