College Recommendation Letter

When a person is applying for a teaching job in a school, college or university and he or she wants to increase their chances for getting the job, they use teacher recommendation letters. A teacher recommendation letter is written on behalf of the applicant for the position by the teacher who taught the applicant in the past and now recommending him or her for the teacher’s job in a college or university. In this letter, the writer describes the personality of the applicant along with the skills and abilities that will help him or her on the job.

Brief Description of Teacher Recommendation Letter:

If you have completed your studies and now you want to apply for job as a teacher in a school, college or university, you should send a recommendation letter with the job application. This recommendation letter with describe you in the words of a teacher who once taught you and spent time with you. With the words used by the teacher in the recommendation letter, you can get one step closer to get the job that you want. You can ask your former teachers and professors to write a glowing recommendation letter for you specifically for the job of a teacher or you can also use the recommendation letters given by your teachers during your education years.

Sample Teacher Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in order to give my recommendation for John Gilmore for the position of English teacher in your school. I have spent more than enough time with John both when he was just a student in my school and again when I hired him as a substitute English teacher for 6 months. By reviewing the time spent with him, I can safely say that he is a great student and a great motivational speaker as a teacher.

I have this habit of visiting teachers in the class while they are teaching. This helps me analyze their abilities and evaluate them as the motivator for the students. This means that I have also visited John while he was giving lectures and by reviewing his method of teaching and how he continuously motivates students towards the subject, I am very sure that you and your students will like him a lot.

You may wonder why I don’t appoint him in my school and the reason for that is because he wants to work near his hometown so that he can visit his family on weekends without traveling too much around the states. This is something that you can provide him and I can’t. Other than that, there is nothing keeping me from keeping John in my school.

I can’t say that if you don’t go with John, you will make a mistake but I can say that you will miss to see an amazing person and a more amazing teacher. I hope with these words, you will consider him for the teaching position in your school and will give him a fair chance of winning this position.

Full name and signature

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