Scholarship Recommendation Letter

If you have applied for a scholarship in order to continue your studies in the college or university and you want to make sure that the selection committee considers your application fairly, you should send a recommendation letter with the scholarship application. You can ask your teachers or professors to write this letter on your behalf and in this letter, the teacher should talk about why he or she thinks you deserve the scholarship.

Brief Description of Scholarship Recommendation Letter:

The institutes that offer educational scholarships to the students, receive thousands of applications in the beginning of each session and as it’s not possible to accept all these applications, the committee that has the responsibility of selecting most eligible applicants, makes sure that they actually select the candidates who deserve the scholarship more than others and only the ones are selected who will use the scholarship in order to study in their relative fields. In order to get selected, the applicants use all kinds of methods including attaching recommendation letters from their teachers and professors.

As an applicant, you can send two types of recommendation letters for the scholarship; one that is a generic recommendation letter from your teacher appreciating your efforts and hard work in the studies and the other one that is specifically written for the scholarship purposes in which the teacher describes why you are the best candidate for the scholarship. Depending on the availability, you can send either of them.

Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Amanda Freeman who is a brilliant student of our institute. I am one of her teachers and I teach her Mathematics.

I have known Amanda for more than 2 years and as we are good friends along with being a student and a teacher, I know that her parents don’t have the resources to support her education and pay for the expensive college fees. This is the reason that when she told me she is thinking of leaving the college and start a career in order to save some money for the education, I was against her plan. In fact, I was the one who told her about the scholarship that she is applying at this time.

Besides being eligible for the criteria of this scholarship and deserving it, she is also a very bright student and one of the best academics that our school has seen in the past couple of years. It’s not like she is a geek and only focuses on the studies but she is the member and head of many departments in our school and I am very happy to state that no matter in what field she puts her feet, she is a winner everywhere.

I want to discuss more about Amanda but I am afraid, I won’t be stopping any time soon. I suppose the above written words are enough to fulfill the purpose of recommendation. With the hope that she will get a fair consideration from your side, I am going to close this letter.

Full name and signature

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