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When a nurse decides to resign from a hospital and wants to apply for the nursing job in another hospital or healthcare facility, a recommendation letter can help her to land on the job that she wants. If you are resigning from your job as a nurse, you should ask your supervisor or head nurse to write you a recommendation letter based on the time that you have spend in the hospital. This recommendation letter will help you during the process of applying and interviewing for the same or better job in another healthcare facility.

Brief Description of Recommendation Letter for Nursing School:

A nurse is a professional who works in harmony both with the patients and the doctors. This way we can say that a nurse is a vital and mandatory part of a healthcare facility i.e. hospital or private clinic. It is much better to work with the nurses that are working in the same healthcare facility for years as compared to the nurses that keep on coming and going for short period of time.

This means that the longer you keep nursing staff in your hospital, the more comfortable you get working with them and the more you can rely on their skills and abilities. Although it is better not to let go any of the nurses from your healthcare facility but even under any circumstance if a nurse wants to leave, he or she will require a recommendation letter from the hospital supervisor or head nurse as this letter will help them to land on another job in another hospital preferred by them.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Nursing School

To whom it may concern,

I am very happy to write this recommendation/reference letter for Michele Kelley who has applied in your hospital for the position of nurse in the cardiology department.

I have known Michele for more than 3 years because before she entered in our school, I was already friends with her because we share the same building. I have known her in my personal life as well as in the professional career when she was studying medicine in our school and I have to say that she is an amazing human being as well as a very brilliant and intelligent student.

I remember that during the studies, she used to come to me after the classes and we used to discuss different elements and perspectives of medicine and healthcare for hours. Being a teacher, I am used to see extraordinary potential in students every now and then but with Michele, it’s something very interesting and uncommon. You can discuss whatever you want with her and you won’t notice how many hours have passed.

When she told me that she had decided to apply for the job of nurse in your hospital, I was very happy for her. Before she could ask me, I offered her to write a glowing recommendation letter. I hope you will sincerely consider the words I have said above about Michele and will give her a fair chance of winning this position.

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