Advertisement letter is considered as powerful marketing tool that will help you to address your target audience. It is a great way to send volume of information to your clients according to their needs. It is a successful way to get better results from target audience and you will surely get immediate response. It is helpful way to build a loyal relation with your customers and stay in contact with your customers and tell them how important they are for you. Almost 68 percent customers of the company do not return to the company just because of the negligence of the company. Sending frequent advertisement letters will provide you a best solution to have good terms with the old customers of the company. You can easily get numerous benefits by writing a compelling advertisement letter.

When to Write Advertisement Letter?

Advertisement letter is written to keep your customers in touch with you by informing them about new products and promotions. These are quick to produce and highly targeted therefore it will help you to maintain a loyal and long term relation with your potential customers. These are written on the launch of new products and services to spread the news about these items. It will be good to consider the needs of target industry and your personality while deciding an appropriate style for the letter.

General Guidelines to Write Advertisement Letter

Following are some simple guidelines that will help you to write an appropriate advertisement letter to remain in touch with your customers:

  • Start your advertisement letter with the name of organization, date of writing and address followed by name and address of receiver. Greet your customer with Mr. or Ms. followed by name of the customer.
  • First paragraph of the letter will include purpose of your writing and good relation with your customer. Write introduction of your product or service and try to use key sentences to highlight the importance of products.
  • The second paragraph is really important as here you can write important features and all details of your products and services. You are writing an advertisement letter so it should be unique and attention grabber. Write potential benefits of your products in the advertisement letter. This paragraph should be informative enough so include all deals, prices, discounts and other benefits related to your advertisement.
  • Conclude your letter on a good and friendly note to maintain loyal relations. Keep it in your mind that frequent connection with your customer helps you to maintain loyal and long term relationship. This will help you to get more customers in future because one satisfied customer can appreciate you among his/her friends and family. Show courtesy while writing to show friendly gesture to reader.
  • You are writing an advertisement letter so you can include images of your products to increase the interest of potential customers. Use bold font to highlight important details and invite customer to visit you to get more details about the products and services.
  • It will be good to proofread your letter more than twice after completing it as the spelling and grammar mistakes can spoil your impression in front of reader.

Sample Advertisement Letters:

Here is preview of these free Sample Advertisement Letters created using MS Word,

Resume Cover Letter for Advertisement Jobs

Download Resume Cover Letter for Advertisement Jobs

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