General Manager Resignation Letter

HR or human resource is a crucial department in any organization and company. This department handles hiring, recruiting, training, developing of new employees, training and career development of existing employees, prepares paychecks for the employees and promotes and demotes employees in the company. The head of this department is known as the HR manager. This is the manager that manages the work activities of the staff members of HR department. HR manager is only answerable to the owner, CEO or partners of the organization as the member of executive staff/employees and thus when a HR manager want to resign from his job, it can take a while longer as compared to other employees in the company.

When a HR manager decides to resign from his job due to personal or career related reasons, he is required to inform the executive management i.e. CEO or partners about his decision before announcing the news in the company to other employees. If the executive members think the time is proper and the HR manager can leave the company, they allow him to resign from his job or if they want to keep him, they can negotiate on the salary package. Once the executive management and HR manager decide that the HR manager is definitely leaving, they can proceed with the resigning process. This includes sending proper resignation letter to the superior management and the HR manager is asked to include the reason for leaving his job, notice period and exact date of leaving in the resignation letter.

During this notice period, the management can hire a substitute for the position of new HR manager or promotes an existing employee in the HR department most commonly the executive assistant to the HR manager. If this substitute is hired within the notice period, the HR manager has responsibility of working with the substitute and training him for the responsibilities of the job. He is also required to hand over the HR records to the new manager and advise him about important factors.

Sample HR Manager Resignation Letter

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Subject: Resignation Letter


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Dear (Recipient’s name),

Please consider this letter as my final resignation notification along with 2 week notice period. I am resigning from my position of HR manager in this company and I will be leaving on 15th of this month.

I have talked to the executive staff members including the CEO and partners of this corporation and they have agreed to accept my decision and after considering this decision for a week, I have finally made my mind about leaving this job and starting my own company back in California. Kindly arrange for the substitute HR manager within next 15 days so that I can coordinate with him before leaving and hand over my responsibilities to him.

I hope you will accept my resignation and forward the paperwork to the HR department along with executive staff members. Also, arrange for my final paycheck before I leave on 15th of this month.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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