General Manager Resignation Letter

A manager in a company or organization is a professional that manages and supervises work and activities of employees. In the same manner, a general manager is the administrator of the entire company who not only manages and oversees the work of employees but also supervises the work activities of managers including first line managers, middle managers and senior or executive managers. A General Manager is the one that makes business strategies and plans and sets organizational goals and objectives.

Unlike any other employee in the company, general managers handle more responsibilities and their job is more complicated and crucial for the organization. This is why when a general manager wants to resign from his job; he has to go through a proper process in order to leave the company. First, the General Manager is required to inform the board of directors or partners of the company about his decision and ask them if they allow him to leave or they want to negotiate on the salary in order to keep him. Once, the owner or partners of the company agrees, the general manager is asked to evaluate the currently ongoing projects in the company and evaluate if he can leave or he has to wait for a better time in near future.

Once all set, the General Manager is asked to send a formal resignation letter to the management of the organization along with the exact date on which he will leave and notice period of at least 1 month. This is important that the general manager has to give notice period of at least 1 month because of the complication in search for new manager and hiring and training process. If the general manager wants, he can also offer his services for the training and development of the new manager that will be hired on his position and he can offer to train him if the management hires a substitute within the notice period.

Sample General Manager Resignation Letter

Employee’s name:
Designation in company:
Contact number:
Email address:

Subject: resignation letter


Employer’s name:
Designation in company:
Company name:
Department info:

Dear (Recipient’s name),

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am resigning from my position of general manager at this company and I am giving you 1 week notice period so that you can arrange for a substitute manager.

I have been chosen to member of the board of directors in this organization and in order to accept this offer, I have to leave this position and let someone else manage this company as the general manager.

I have completed my documents and attached them with the resignation letter and even if I am sure there is nothing missing, kindly let me know if you require anything else or if you have any questions or queries about the currently ongoing projects.

Kindly arrange for a substitute general manager as soon as possible so that I can coordinate with him within my notice period. Kindly arrange for my final paycheck within 7-10 days.

Yours faithful,

Employee’s name:

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