Doctor Resignation Letter

A Doctor is a specialist of medicine who takes care of sick patients and people with medical conditions i.e. diseases, disabilities and allergies. Doctors are hired by hospitals and private clinics where on the other hand, some doctors also prefer to run their own clinic or hospital as private practice. A doctor who specializes in general medicine is known as general physician where on the other hand, the doctors that specialize in specific fields of medicine i.e. surgery, optical, ENT or orthopedic are known as specialized doctors in their particular careers.

It depends on each particular situation that why a doctor wants to resign from his job but most of the time, it is because of a better position in a bigger hospital. Usually doctors always keep searching for better employment options and as soon they encounter with one, they resign from their current job and join the other hospital or organization. Sometimes, doctors also resign because they want to continue their studies in medical or want to specialize in a particular field after completing general medicine.

If a doctor wants to resign from his job in a hospital or private clinic, it is important that before doing so, he informs the management about his decision and ask them to accept his resignation. Also, it is really important that when a doctor is planning to leave soon, he informs his patients about this so that if they want to be seen by some other doctor who will be there in future for consulting, they can make the arrangements.

When a doctor resigns, he has to stay in contact with the other doctors in the hospital for assisting them on the medical record and conditions of the patients that he was treating before leaving. Usually most doctors don’t do it but they prepare complete medical history files of their patients and put them in permanent record of the hospital so that new doctors don’t need to consult with them.

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