Acceptance to an offer or a college admission can make anyone excited because he/she is going to fulfill his/her dreams. These types of news are conveyed through acceptance letters that should be clear, concise and well written. It does not matter for which reason you are writing acceptance letter but the basic purpose of writing is to confirm that you understand the offer and now you are responding according to your preferences. It is a professional letter written by an organizations or educational institution therefore it should be written on a specific style without any error.

When to Write Acceptance Letter?

Acceptance letters are written by the organization or any institution against your offer either for admission or employment. It is a professional way to accept your proposal and by sending it you will accept the position that has been offered to you. It is considered as a rough contract and for this reason the letter should be written in professional manner. Be careful about writing style and grammatical mistakes that can spoil your all efforts.

General Guidelines to Write Acceptance Letter

Since, acceptance letter is a professional letter therefore it is important to write it in professional style and following are some general guidelines that will help you to write an acceptance letter in professional way:

  • Letter should be written in block-style format that is a usual business format to write official documents. Top part of the letter will contain your return address, date and the address of the organization or school followed by greeting to the receiver of the letter. Leave two lines after writing inside address before writing greeting.
  • First paragraph is the right place to say thanks to the individual or the organization for the offer. Write your acceptance in the next sentence followed by brief description of the offer. Keep all sentences brief and formal.
  • Second paragraph will contain the citations of the offer so reiterate the particulars of the offer. It will be good to write all details and important points like salary, joining date and potential benefits. If you are writing acceptance letter for admission at an educational institution then you can write about grants and deadlines of acceptance. This part of the letter is considered as most important because it acts as an agreement between both parties before signing contract and other papers. You can ask any kind of clarification related to offer in this paragraph.
  • Conclude your letter while showing your admiration for the offer while keeping your tone soft. Do not be over confident while writing anything and keep last paragraph concise. Almost two to three lines are enough for last paragraph. Complimentary note like “Sincerely” is essential for the acceptance letter.
  • Review your letter twice before sending it for grammatical and logical errors. You have to keep your letter perfect because any error will be a big question on your professionalism. Choose professional font like Ariel or Times New Roman and font size should be 12.

Sample Acceptance Letters:

Here are sample Acceptance Letters to help our visitors in writing their very own,

Sample Acceptance Letter

Download Sample Acceptance Letter for Textile Jobs

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