Congratulation Letter

Congratulation means admiring someone on their happy occasion to let them know that you are also very happy for their achievement and want to share the happy moments with that someone special. There are practically thousands of events when you are required to send a congratulation letter to someone. It’s a letter which contains complementary sentences and greetings to congratulate that person and letting them know that they are very special in your life and their happiness matters in your heart. Happiness is the only thing that increases when it’s shared so try to send congratulations to your loved ones and friends as much times as possible to make these moments precious and memorable.

Suppose one of your friend is getting married and he has send you the invitation to attend the ceremony or asked you to be there to help him in making arrangements but you are not sure that you will be free at that time or not, so you need to send a congratulation letter immediately to make him feel that he is still very important in your life and you do care about his happy moments. After that it won’t be such a big deal if you can’t make to the wedding because you have congratulated him earlier. Same is the case when you have come to know that one of your friends is engaged and you share his special moments by sending a congratulation letter to him. There are thousands of other examples like congratulating someone on their birthday, graduation, having a job, a promotion or achieving sales bonuses. It’s totally up to you that how important that person is in your life and how much importance you give to that person’s happy moments. There are no limits or standard rules like sending a congratulate letter or having a baby but not on buying a new bike because this is the point where you decide what to do.

Here is preview of a sample Congratulation Letter created using MS Word,

Congratulation Letter

When it comes to a family or your loved one, there is no concept of small and big moments because you can’t afford to lose even a little precious moment. You feel the same amount of happiness on your cousin’s birthday as compared to his graduation party of when he bought his first apartment. If the person you want to congratulate is someone very special like your wife or husband, you should handout the congratulation letter by yourself and let them know that they have some special place in your heart and life.

General guide lines to write a congratulation letter:

  • According to your relationship and frankness with the person you want to send congratulation letter to, you choose whether to use a simple white paper or a fancy colored one with designs on the borders. You can fashion it by using glitters or sparkles if you are congratulating s child or girl.
  • Write date at the top and then start with “Dear” which shows that you are not a common person but a closed one. After addressing the appropriate person, use “Hi” or “Hello” and then start the body of the letter.
  • According to your relationship with that person, write a short or long letter. If you just want to congratulate them like in case of an officemate, just use 2 to 3 lines to praise them at the happy occasion and then close the letter. But if it’s a close family member, use a lengthy letter with explanations and extra information about yourself and your life.
  • If you are sending out a wedding congratulation letter, it’s good to put some money inside the letter before folding it so it will show your generous side and if will serve like a wedding gift too.
  • Proofread it carefully to erase any grammar or spelling mistakes and make it perfect.
  • Place it inside the letter envelope and write the recipient’s address on the right corner and on the other side, write your own address.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Congratulation Letter,

Download Congratulation Letter

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